Here goes nothing..........
That's right, it's me, Jason.
I was just looking through some of our pictures and there are a lot of Owen that I really love. So I thought I would just share some of my favorites. Sorry if there is too many (I did leave out about half...what can I say, he gets his looks from his mom).

We have had a lot of good laughs!

There's nothing like a good shower!

Ummm......next Michael Jordan???

Can't turn your back on this kid for a second!

Some more good times...thanks Amy
for letting me put that sticker on!

What can I say.......this one just makes
me grin from ear to ear!

He loves to listen to the Aggies!

He was checking himself out in the mirror for
the longest time....until we got the camera out!

I hope you all enjoyed it. Hopefully Amy does not
delete my first post (I don't think she will but
I do hope I pass the test. I would love to be
accepted as a 'blogger').


Donny and Marie

Last weekend Jason , Mom , Dad and I drove down to Vegas to see Donny and Marie in concert. Jason and I gave them tickets to the concert for Christmas. We drove down on Thursday, stayed the night at Angela's and then drove to Vegas on Friday. Mom and Dad sat in the backseat and watched movies. I am sure it was nerve wracking for mom not to be driving. She always drives. She did tell Jason he was a good driver though.
We stayed at the Flamingo.

Flamingo island was incredible. The grounds were beautiful.
We did a lot of walking and of course I took advantage of every photo opportunity. I only posted a couple so nobody thinks that I am totally in love with myself. The Miss America pageant was at the Planet Hollywood Hotel the weekend we were there. I walked the red carpet and signed a few autographs. I really wanted to go to the pageant but the tickets were pretty pricey. We saw some contestants walking around. It was fun. I have always loved watching the Miss America pageant and guessing who is going to win.

This guy was out on the strip. Lots of people were taking pictures with him, mostly cause they thought he was a joke. I respect him for standing up for what he believes in...definitely wouldn't take this approach myself though, too many angry, crazy drunk people. I used to really enjoy going to Las Vegas but I think I would be okay never going again. I don't drink, smoke, gamble and I don't want 'hot girls right now'. If you are not into any of that stuff there is really no place for you on the strip. It's groddy.

Mom and Dad LOVED the concert. They talked about it all night. Jason and I sacrificed tickets for ourselves so we could buy better tickets for mom and dad. Yeah, we are nice like that!

After the concert Donny and Marie met in a secret spot for a meet and greet for people with VIP tickets. Unfortunately mom and dad were not one of the VIP's. Luckily, Jason found the secret spot and we stalked them from a far. I got in trouble with security twice taking pictures through the crack in the partitions. Then as we were leaving I yelled for my mom(she's not quite as boisterous as I am) 'WE LOVE YOU DONNY' and he smiled and waved at us. Nothing like a smile from Donny Osmond to get your heart racing.

We went to the 3D m&m movie in the m&m store and mom said '"whoa" out loud when things flew out at us and she made everyone in the theater laugh. It was great.
Can't pass up a photo op with the SpongeBob gang.

Hoping for some luck on the slots. Mom would not even let me play the penny slots. I don't love playing them, because I would rather buy new clothes, but I had some pennies in my wallet, there were no penny candies to buy and I wanted to get rid of them. They are still in my wallet.
We drove home Sunday and stopped at Angela's for Sunday dinner. It was delicious. The weather was pretty crappy most of the way home, but we made it safe and sound. It was really fun just hanigng out with mom and dad for the weekend. We left Owen home with Monica and really missed him, but it was nice with just the 4 of us. Mom and dad do so much for us and I hope they know how much I appreciate and love them both.
We had a good time, ate good food, wore short sleeves and flip flops during the day, gained a greater appreciation for the standards we try to live by, rocked out to music superstars and enjoyed good company. Yep.


it's been a good one

saying goodbye to 2008. a lot of love. a lot of laughing. a lot of heartache. a lot of crap! a whole year has gone by and i still haven't done that!'s. a lot of family time. a lot of blessings and a lot of trials. a pretty good mix of life in the year 2008. now i move onto 2009 in hopes that i will be a better person all around, to everyone i come in contact with. i have creative, organizational and homemaking aspirations for this coming year. bring it on 2009.