6 weeks

cuter every day. cried first real tear(heartbreaking). has started sleeping 10 or 11pm - 6 or 7am. good boy!


Jayse Lyle

healthy baby. happy mom.
month and a half apart.
Congrats Angela and fam. We are so excited to have Jayse in the family!


5 weeks

finally starting to like the swing a little bit. this is the first time he has fallen asleep in it.

smiles and talking has started this week. very cute.



Goodbye old Honda. You will be missed...
...sort of.Two car seats in the back of the Honda left us with little to no room. We could not take any other passengers and with two strollers in the trunk I could barely fit groceries in the car. Jason agreed to go and "look" with me. Before the Accord we had a Mazda 3 wagon and I loved it. I have been dying for a Mazda CX-7 since they came out. A cross over that gets pretty good gas mileage. So, looking at cars I thought we would be looking at the CX-7's but when we got there Jason thought it made more sense to get something bigger than a 5 passenger(since that is what we already had). Jason has always talked about getting a mini van and has not showed any interest in an SUV of any type(besides a Navi..get real Jas). Apparently he was not serious about his mini van comments which I was relieved about cause I never really saw myself driving one, especially at 27 years old and two kids. I don't have anything against the mini van though, just not really for me.
Anyway, we decided to focus on the CX-9's. We test drove at least 4, maybe 5. We had an awesome salesman, Karl, who actually started us in the cheapest one, which we were both surprised about. I liked it, but didn't fall in love. Then we just kind of went down the line and when we test drove the silver 2008, I fell. I loved it and so did Jason. A car lot in Orem went bankrupt so Bountiful Mazda got some of their inventory. It was a brand new 2008 with 190 miles on it. After 6 hours with Karl, we finally bought the car. I was worried that Jason would have buyer's remorse, but he was just as happy about the purchase. I am very excited to have our family grow in this vehicle.
Owen went with us and was a very good boy considering the situation. At one point we had to strap him in his car seat in the dealership, but even still, he was pleasant. When we left the dealership we was talking about "ours awesome new car" and calling it Megatron. Karl hooked us up with some free Mazda stuff and so I had Owen model it.


someone's garbage ... my treasure

I have been wanting a bookshelf for all of Owen's books. They are always all over the living room and so I just wanted a cheap little one. I asked my mom if she had one I could use cause she has a garage and three rooms full of randomness. One day we were going down town together and my mom spotted this bookshelf next to a dumpster in the USU student housing parking lot. We turned around and decided that this old dresser with three missing shelves would be perfect for me. My mom has an eye for spotting this kind of stuff. So I called my dad to come and load it in his truck. I said, "Hi dad, can you come to the dumpster and load up an old dresser for me?" He said, "no!"(remember how I said my mom has room fulls of randomness...thus the response. He did not want more "stuff"). When I told him it was for me, he was relieved and happy to come help. Soon after, I got a call from Jason and he asked what I was having my dad do and I told him loading a bookshelf. He asked how much it cost(with some irritation in his voice) and I said, "Jas, it's free...it's garbage." I think this made him a little more irritated. Anyway, me and my mom got a good laugh out of the men's reactions.


It ended up costing me $10. Not bad at all. Jason even made it shorter for me so it's pretty much exactly what I wanted.


White Pine Lake

Jas and I went backpacking up Tony Grove to White Pine Lake. We met Jason's friend Luke and his girlfriend Sheena up there. It was just an over nighter. I think it's about 8 miles round trip. It was really beautiful and more fun than I thought it would be, probably because Jason hauled the 45 lb backpack and I had a 5-10 lb pack.
Luke found a cave that he wanted to go explore. It was very steep and rocky getting there, but it was pretty impressive. I was a little worried about cave monsters, but luckily we did not see any. It was kind of a creepy cave, like one out of Indiana Jones. It went back pretty deep, but Sheena and I opted to stay in the mouth of the cave while the boys shimmied inside the crevasses.
It was pretty dark inside the crevasses but Jas still took a few pictures.
Luke and Jas being cool.
Sheena went down bumb style most of the way. It was a little treacherous.
Boys being boys. Seeing if they could throw rocks into the lake from our campsite. Of course they didn't stop until they did it.
Then they wanted to see the girl's skills. We were not even close.
Heading out.


family vacay...PC, UT

Jason, Owen, Nixon and I went to Park City on Thursday and stayed over in a hotel. Jason wanted to have one more fun weekend before school starts. On Friday we walked around main street.

My blog title and the message on my voice mail...of course I had to take a picture with it. It's the story of my life!

Owen loved the art moose's around town.

Roarin' with grizz.

The rest of my whole family, Annette, Mandi and Ryan's family met us in Park City. Melissa and Steve stayed in our room with us. Owen was not happy about giving up his "huge, big bed", but cheered up after he stole "Unca Stege's" hat. all of us(minus the keller's)met at Pizza Hut for dinner. It was really delicious. Then we headed back to the hotel and went swimming.

Melissa and I bought these darling jumpsuits for $0.99.

Monica, Amberly, Annette, Mom, Dave and Steve were the only ones that did not participate in the swimming. Yeah, Monica, who thinks she was meant to be a dolphin, stayed completely dry...she bugs!

Brooklyn loved jumping in.

Owen loved swimming and fell off the stairs and drowned a few times. He had to be watched constantly because he is very clumsy and did not mind going under the water, which is weird considering he cries his eyes out when i get his face wet in the bath. crazy boy!

chubby little Korver pants.

Kenz and Lexa.

Melissa, Melanie, Angela and Me. We all have to plug our noses when we jump in. We made quite a splash. It was good times.

Nixon loved his first hotel sleepover. He slept at least 9 hours both nights. What a good boy!

Saturday we shopped all day. The boys were great and I really appreciate Jason's love and patience for all day shopping with my whole family.

Haley and Lilly giving me their funny faces before they went home. They are such darling girls!
It was so fun hanging out with everyone for the weekend.