6 years

6 years ago I married Jason Ian Harris. I could not be any happier today than I am now. He is the best husband I could ever ask for. He is patient, really patient. He makes me smile. He listens to me ramble. He tells me stories when I can't fall asleep. He plays with my hair and tickles my neck(love this). He works really hard. He understands me, or at least tries. He is so much more than I could have ever hoped for and now 6 years later we have the coolest little boy ever and another baby on the way. Thanks for the love Jas!


the relationship between jason and owen is indescribable. owen loves his dad so much! owen makes jason a better person. he makes him laugh and he reminds him what's important in life. being a dad has changed jason so much...in such a good way. i know that these two will always be best friends. i love owen's dad!

my dad is the hardest worker i know. the older i get i have started to grasp all the lessons my dad has taught me. he supported his 6 girls no matter what we were doing. i played sports, so i think that took me up a notch in his book, not having to sit through my dance reviews...just kidding, but maybe. my favorite memories of my dad are memories of him tucking me and melissa in at night. he would sing to us and tell us stories. i love my dad!

jason's dad. raised jason to treat women with respect. raised him to stand up for himself and to be himself. raised him to be trustworthy and dependable. he welcomed me into his family with no judgement, just love. he treats me like a daughter. he dances like it's nobodies business and he likes making people smile. he tells the same stories over and over again. he would really like me to know and have an opinion about the political world. he would do anything for his family. i love jason's dad!

i don't know what we would do without father's. women are pretty incredible people, but there are two sexes for a reason. there are things that only a dad can do, teach, or understand and i am so grateful for all of them in my life!



Happy Birthday JASON!!!
** you are the best husband ever!
** you are one of the most patient people I know
** Owen loves you so much. I love watching you two play together
** you would do anything for your family
** you are very smart
** you take your responsibilities seriously
** you have a strong testimony and are a good example to everyone around you
** you go shopping with me(i really love you for this one)
** you make me smile everyday
** you are humble and selfless
** you get more handsome every year

We met Jason's family at Firehouse Pizza for a birthday dinner. It was delicious. After dinner we went to the ball park and watched some of Jason's family play ball. Jason even got to play in the last few innings.After the game we went home and Jason opened a few presents from me and Owen. He got a new pink swimsuit and a purple sweatshirt. I LOVE shopping for Jason. If I pick stuff out for him when he is not with me he will usually trust my judgement and wear what I pick out. But if he is with me and I pick stuff out for him he always says no and pretends like he doesn't like it. He is funny!
We hope you had a great birthday! We love you SO much!!!


country club

Day 3: This is the Clubhouse. Pretty awesome, right?! This is where they filmed High School Musical 2, for all you Disney channel fans. We had a little photo shoot before we had to leave.
It was a great vacation. Jason said we could go back every year and I can't wait! We might have to go again before then.


Snow Canyon and pool time

DAY 2: Who doesn't like to start their morning off by having silly face photo shoot? Apparently Jason and Owen woke up very happy. It was a little overcast in the morning so we decided to go to Snow Canyon(the hotel was right at the mouth of the canyon).

First we drove to Tuacahn Amphitheater. The musicals started the day after we left. I was a little bummed, especially since they are doing Footloose. On our way we saw this snake in the road. Owen liked it. Unfortunately, the car coming down the other lane ran over it right as we were watching. He slithered out of the road and Owen said he was going to the doctor. It was cute.

Sand dunes in the canyon. Owen could have been entertained there all day long.

We like climbing the red rocks. Owen loves the movie Shrek and he kept saying, "I like that boulder. That is a nice boulder"(Donkey asys it to Shrek). It was so funny!

He wasn't scared climbing on rocks and mountains, but the stump that was only 2 feet off the ground was a little too much for him.

After we spent the morning exploring the canyon, Owen and Jason took a nap in the room and I went and laid out by the pool waiting for my appointment for my Chocolate Peppermint Scrub pedicure at the spa. It was my first time having a real spa pedicure(pedicures in the mall do not count). It was fantastic!

When I was done with my pedicure Owen and Jas were at the pool. The pool was a little small, but the section Jas and Owen are in was only 2 feet deep, so it was perfect for Owen and he loved it.

Everytime he got out of the pool he watched his suit drip and would take steps so he could watch it drip some more. We learned that Owen's skills in the pool are limited. Everytime he fell in he would fall forward, feet still on the bottom of the pool, bent at the waist with his face in the water. You would think your natural instinct would be to stand up straight...not Owen, he just stayed face down in the water. This happened more than once and he never got his face out of the water on his own. Guess we need to get him in swim lessons.

It was a fun pool! They also had a full basketball court, sand volleyball court and lots of tennis courts. A great place for a family vacation.


the INN at entrada

Jason, Owen and I decided to have a little vacation before summer school starts and the baby comes. We headed down to St. George for a long weekend. I just wanted to go somewhere warm where I could sit by the pool and hang out. The place we stayed was PERFECT for this! I can't wait to go back.

The Inn at Entrada is my new favorite hotel. It was incredible and I highly recommend it to everyone. You will not be disappointed, I promise. This is the front of our Casita. Yes, we have our own garage and private front patio.

This is the view of the back of the Casita. They are all built right on a beautiful golf course.

There were ponds and beautiful landscaping all throughout the property.