Friday love

Man I love Fridays! I love being at work and not working(i am working, just not a lot). I love that the sun is trying so hard to beat out the clouds. What I love most about this Friday though... no work on Monday! Raise the roof for three day weekends...woo woo woo woo! I also love that Sister, Rich and the kids are coming up for the weekend. I always miss them and it is always a good time when they come up.
Okay, so I haven't prettied up my blog yet, but I had to post again due to having my 26th birthday and all. So, my birthday was on Tuesday(20th). Last year I turned 25, just had a baby and was not really feeling it. I was not pumped about being twenty five and didn't really care about it. Well, good old Amy was back to herself this year! I was really excited about my party and being the center of attention and being "the birthday girl". I took the day off. Almost all my sister's(nice one Mel), my dad and sis in-law Jen called and sang to me. My cousin B and Amber text me, cousin Ry emailed me and best aunt Annette left a message. Jason and I slept in my parent's backyard on the trampoline and watched "27 Dresses" the night before. Well, I watched it and Jason slept. It was a cute movie. Katherine Heigel and her sister in the movie always looked so cute. In the morning there were donuts from Shaffers waiting for me (thanks dad). Then Jas and I went to "What Happens in Vegas"(he took work off too, cause I asked him too and he is the best!). It was hilarious! I really liked it and would go see it again right now if I could. I love Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz, so it was totally entertaining for me. Jas liked it too. It was a laugh out loud, for sure. Then Jason and I took Owen to the park. Owen loves to swing..he's freakin cute. After the park we had the best birthday dinner ever! My mom is the best at birthdays and trying to make them as special as possible. She rocks. She made me filet mignon(wrapped the steak in bacon herself) and dad Weber'd it. He is master griller! We also had sweet potatos loaded with caramel sauce, marshmallows and brown sugar(yeah, it was that good) and homemade rolls with homemade cinnamon butter and mixed veggies! Really, the best dinner ever. After the meal we had a party. Everyone sang to me and I got awesome gifts! I won't list them all cause I don't want to sound spoiled(I am spoiled)! Jason surprised me with an awesome turquoise ring that my friend Lisa made. I was so excited and I really love it. I couldn't have asked for a better day. Then we had dessert. I always request orange sherbet, vanilla icecream dessert with oreos crushed on top and bottom. Delish! What a great thing it is to take a day and totally celebrate yourself. Everyone needs to do it...we all deserve it. LIfe is not easy and there is no reason not to enjoy yourself for a day and allow people to celebrate and spoil you for a day. It was a really great day and I love all of you for letting me revel in it! I will post pictures later.


First try

Okay, first blog attempt. It is not organized,
not complete and kind of a mess...kinda sums
me up. I am going to get some tips from my
sis, who loves the Blogging world, so I can get in
some sort of order here.
Anyway, I love reading other people's blogs and
am the creepy girl that goes around reading about
other people's lives and thinks that I have new best
friends. I read a blog this morning that you should
all check out, cause even if you cannot relate to it now, you
probably will some day and it is heartbreaking and comforting
and happy and tragic...it's life at it's best and worst. Very
inspiring! Go http://www.mattlogelin.com/ and click in the
right top hand corner(if you haven't been here before).