simple pleasures

You're killin me Owen! These plastic blue plates are his favorite thing these days. He brings them out and sets them all over the floor. This was game night with the plates and one of his plastic golf balls. He did it long enough that I was able to watch him, laugh my face off and then get the camera and video it a few times. I hope he will always be able to entertain himself with simple things like this and always use his imagination.

PS...I wish I would have turned down the TV so you all wouldn't know I watch celebrity Family Feud! Seriously though, I want to be on that show.


First Buzz

Owen got his first haircut tonight. I was not going to cut his hair until it was long and shaggy, but lately he has had a fuzzy ratnest on the back of his head, so I had to get get rid of it. He was such a good boy. He sat so still and when his hair fell off the clippers and down his back he would get the shivers..it was cute. I tried to give him a mohawk but he lost his patience with me trying to get it all straight and even so I just went for the full buzz. I was a little worried about shaving him, but I kind of love it, even if it does accentuate his big ears!

This is a little boring at first, but the face he pulls towards the end makes it totally worth watching!




Seriously...how cute are they?


different everyday

Owen is learning new things and is getting smarter and funnier everyday. Here are some new things I am really loving...

he walks around with his blanket wrapped around his neck like a scarf

he made good use out of the "state approved" swim diaper we had to buy him at the pool

loves dad's skateboard and flips himself off over and over again, but can't resist getting back on

loves riding his bike and watching people ride bikes

learning that climbing up one thing usually leads to something cooler to climb(sorry Grandma)

he straddles this toy and tries to go down the slide that is meant for the plastic truck by his knee

a lot of new personality...can't get enough of that sweet face!

He's changing so fast. It's so crazy! I love seeing him grow up and I don't want to forget any of it.


did not disappoint

I finished Breaking Dawn last night. I will not say much about it because I certainly don't want to spoil it for anyone. As an individual book I probably wouldn't have loved it, but the fact that it was the book that wrapped up all my favorite series of books made me love it. I will read these books again every few years. Books that definitley take me out of reality to a whole different world. Thanks Stephenie Meyer for this bit of pure entertainment and imagination.



i am: loving today cause i started working 4 tens, so it's my Friday
i think: about what life will be like when Jason graduates
i know: that i spend too much money on "on sale" items
i want: a new shirt, new shoes and a new purse
i have: lucky penny colored toenails
i wish: i was at Bear Lake
i dislike: dusting. this chore sucks
i miss: Amber and TanDee
i fear: everything after i watch a scary movie(what a wuss i have turned in to)
i feel: a little sweaty
i hear: You give Love a Bad name performed by Blake Lewis
i smell: Reese's peanut butter cups and Pantene
i crave: a big brownie with frosting
i usually: sleep on my stomach
i search: others blogs
i wonder: when The Office is going to start again
i regret: nothing. sure there are things I would change, but no sense on dwelling on them
i love: Owen
i care: about being a good mom
i always: need something sweet after a meal
i worry: that life is going by too fast
i am not: a fan of the Spanish language
i remember: the day Owen was born and Melanie saying "it's okay Amy, that's how they look"
i believe: that life is what you make it, so have a good time!
i dance: with my sisters(and we can rock it out)
i sing: real loud and like i am real good. i love busting out a good tune
i don’t always: wash my hands after i use the bathroom
i argue: only when it's important to me
i write: amy loves jason on a lot of things i write on(yeah, still. pretty cute huh?)
i win: at Boggle and word searches
i lose: at Checkers when playing with Jason(it bugs bad)
i never: drink the milk at the bottom of the carton
i listen: to Dashboard Confessional
i don't understand: why turn arrows are so difficult for people in cache valley to grasp
i can usually be found: watching TV or reading a book
i am scared: of small animals(rodents mostly)
i need: someone to come clean my house
i forget: how hard it is to wake up in the morning when i stay up too late
i am happy about: working from home