broken, bruised...cast it up

Jason hurt his wrist playing basketball. After 2 weeks of an aching wrist he decided he needed to get it checked out. An x-ray, an appointment with an Orthopedic, an MRI and another appointment with the Ortho he ended up with the diagnosis of a bruised bone and this blue cast. That's right...BRUISED. Apparently a bruised wrist bone is very sensitive and can be easily broken so the Dr felt this cast was necessary. I guess when you spend an outrageous amount of money on an MRI you might as well get something out of it.
After 2 days of having it on he was ready to cut it off himself.


logan's heroes

Lunch with the girls. The four of us have not all been together since high school. It was so fun to meet Parker and to catch up on everyone's lives. I sure hope we won't wait so long to get together again, especially since we are all living close by.



bubble gum game

always a good time when you put together a circle of people, dice, a knife, a fork and a lot of bubble gum. fast pace, intense, high energy, slobbery, sticky and a little disgusting...not for the faint of heart. the game is fun! please play it at your next get together and maybe put a tarp down cause when you laugh with a big wad of gum in your mouth you cannot help but slobber all over.
the winners...


i love to love people. it's so nice to have so many people to love, especially on valentine's day!

Jason, Owen and I had our own little valentines' day together in the afternoon. Owen got a bag of love with toys from the dollar store in it. Of course he loved them and when he breaks them or throws them in the garbage i won't feel bad about it. his favorite...the tootsie rolls and the dinosaurs. jason gave me perfume that i really love, he picked it out all on his own. what cute boys i have. i love them more than anything!

my mom has instilled festiveness in our brains(most of us at least) and every holiday we wear the coordinating colors, pretty awesome i know. love me some beautiful girl pictures...

...along with some silly girl pictures!
my mom and dad set the living room up with the long tables and made us a candle light steak dinner. it was delicious and so fun to be with the family(we missed the clark's who were stuck in bad weather in salt lake).

My Valentine

I just wanted to tell you how much I love you and all the many reasons why I love you more each day. This is our seventh Valentine's Day together! I am so lucky to have met you! You always bring a smile to my face and I wish I could spend every minute with you! There are many things I love about you....here are a few (in no particular order), with pictures as proof.
~You have a great outlook on life, where you want to go and who you want to spend it with (pic 1).
~You are an amazing example to Owen (2).
~You really get me....many times it seems we are think the same thing (3).
~You love life and enjoy everything it offers (4).
~You love, care for and watch out for Owen..........you're like the best mom ever (5).
~You are always up for an adventure or trip (6&7).
~You let me win when we're playing a game because you know I have a big ego (8).
~You will never give up on your goals or dreams.......like getting discovered someday (9).
~You always teach me something (I thought I knew it all) like how to pop popcorn on a fire (10).
~You share my love for nature and always trying to get the most unique photo (11&12).
~You are always honest with me, whether it's telling me I need to shower or that you think another guy is hotter than me (13).
~You love playing in the snow (14).
~You let me leave for a week with the scouts (3 years in a row) so I can see places like this (15).
~You always make me laugh (16).
~You let me share with you some of the great things in life, like a fire on the beach (17).
~You love me even though I can only act tough (18).
~Your love makes me crazy (19).
~You would do anything and everything for our family (20).

I love you!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!