autumn checklist

so long sweet summer. i will miss your golden rays of scorching sun. i will long for your hot starry nights. i will dream about being at the lake. you truly are a magnificent season and i will await your return. oh summer, how i love you.
but now i welcome, with open arms, you autumn. you bring me crisp cool nights that make snuggling under a blanket so delicious. you grace the trees and mountains with your vibrant colors. you allow the unpacking of my favorite cardigans and skinny jeans. you invite pumpkin and hot chocolate back into my daily life. your fragrances are mouth watering and cozy. oh autumn, how i love you.
my favorite seasons. what a great time in my life right now. i think God might have planned it this way just for me. i love the summer so much and there is no better way for it to end then with the beginning of autumn. there is so much i love about autumn so i have made a list about all the things i would like to experience during this short, magnificent time of year:

- take family pictures in the mountains/trees
- take the boys to a pumpkin patch
- make leaf piles and jump into them with the littles
- go miniature golfing when it's decorated for halloween
- make owen a wolf costume
- fashion a teepee and spend the day playing make believe
- go to an afternoon football game
- drink apple cider
- make pumpkin spice cookies(like maybe once a week)
- cook pumpkin seeds
- take owen to frightmares
- go to a corn maze
- make a blanket
- paint/carve/decorate pumpkins
- go to lunch with old friends
- bring back friday craft day with melissa
- read
- paint my fingernails and toenails rich, dark colors
- wear tights, boots, hoodies, hats and belts

the list goes on and on, but i will leave it at that for now. so much to look forward to, i don't think i am going to be able to sleep tonight.