It's a Party

Tomorrow. Be there. Jewelry. Purses. Scentsy. Flower clips. Get your Christmas shopping started. It is sure to be a good time. You don't even need to buy anything. There is going to be a refreshment table that will definitely be worth coming for. Seriously though, anyone that wants to come, I would love to see you! Send me an email or leave me your email in a comment and I will give you my address.


To my sister Angela. Today she is celebrating, not with me, but still celebrating. I miss her. She lives in Spanish Fork and it is too far away! Seriously, have you ever driven to Spanish Fork? It takes a long time, especially when you are so excited to get there to see your sister that you haven't seen for at least two whole weeks! I for real miss her. So what if she is not on the other side of the country. She is not a ten minute drive away and I am still not used to that. Anyway, here is her birthday shout out:

- she has a great laugh
- she has a great outlook on life. she does not let things that she has no control over worry her
- she loves food
- she wil randomly pull out coupons for Marie Calendars when someone says they are in the mood for a pie
- she hits garbage cans when she is getting pulled over by police men
- she has always been easy to talk to and always listens
- she makes friends wherever she goes
- she loses her toenails when she runs
- her feet get bigger every year and she is liking it because she gets a better selection of shoes in the bigfoot section(i am laughing my head off, for real!)
- she is a great mom and such a good example
- she stays up and has late night talks with me
- she is a rad big sister

Hope you had a great day Ang. I love you!!!


The Chuck

One of my least favorite restaurants on the planet is Chuck-a-Rama. Unfortunately, sister Angela does not feel the same way. She loves it and it's her birthday tomorrow so some of the fam met in Bountiful at the Chuck to celebrate Angela. The Chuck in Bountiful is surrounded by delicious eateries, not to mention a brand new Texas Roadhouse, but whatever, thank goodness her birthday only comes around once a year. Aunt Annette, Ryan and his family, Brandon and Mandi all came along with the rest of the sister's, mom and dad and all nieces and nephews minus Jake. It was a good time and at least the restaurant has a good salad bar and scones. We ate, we went to TJ Maxx(across the parking lot), we mingled in the parking lot and then we went to the front entrance of the bank next door and had a birthday party under the glow of the bank lights. Then we went our seperate ways. Owen and I drove home with Melissa. We stopped at Walmart, doorbell ditched my boss(keep posted for prank of the year at a later date) and then Owen cried from Brigham city to my house. Sorry Melissa! He is getting all four of his fang teeth and I think he was suffering a bit.
We had a little photo shoot in the parking lot. I couldn't get Max, cause he would not pose for me.


so long sweet summer...

i stumbled upon you and gratefully basked in your rays

so long sweet summer

i fell into you, now your gracefully falling away

hey thanks, thanks for that summer

it's cold where you're going

i hope that your heart's always warm

i gave you the best, i gave you the best that i had

so long sweet summer

i stumbled upon you and gratefully basked in your rays

so long sweet summer

i fell into you now you're gracefully falling away

- dashboard confessional
summer is officially over and autumn is in full force as of today. went by way too fast. these are some summer moments that i will miss and so many more. i do love the fall(it is my most favorite season) but summer has this attitude of carefreeness and happiness that i always hate to say goodbye to.


Sunday Walks

We have started taking a walk every Sunday after dinner when we are in Preston. Lamont and Laraine don't usually come with us, so this Sunday was a fun one! The kids love pushing Owen in his stroller and Angela loves feeling like she is working off some of her dinner.

Laraine and me......................Jason gettin his walk on

Jason getting the love from Mom and Dad

LaMont and Jas

Weisbeck Fam(Brayden, Ayla, Angela, Shylee and John)...Jason took this picture and I love it! It is a great portrayal of this cute family.


Tony Grove

Owen, Jas and I went camping on Friday night and we had a great time. Jason and I were going to backpack but decided we wanted Owen to come with us, so we just went to Tony Grove. I think I have been up there once in my life but do not remember it at all. It is beautiful and there are a lot of cows.

I took a lot of pictures of Owen. He loved camping!

Owen loved helping Dad with the fire. He threw sticks in it, he blew on it when Jason would, he tried to break the fire wood like Jason did. It was really sweet. I had a little anxiety when he went near it, but he was very good to stay back and not try to play in it. We made tinfoil dinners and they were delish!

The highlight for me was definitely the microwave popcorn cooked over the hot coals. When I threw the popcorn in our bag Jason said "you're cute babe"...like, oh what a silly girl, thinking she can cook microwave popcorn over the fire. Well, it worked and it was maybe the best microwave popcorn I've ever had!
Seriously...he loved everything about camping. He was so happy to be outside, playing in the dirt, running wild! It was so great. I am so glad we decided to take him.

Hanging out by the morning fire having some Dad - Son time.
Throwing rocks in Tony Grove Lake. It was chilly!

Camping is a lot of work and crappy clean up when you get home, but being in the mountains, sitting under the starriest skies ever enjoying God's art makes it totally worth it. We are hoping to get a few more trips in before the snow starts falling(and even then Jason still wants to go..not sure about that).