70 more days

this is what i look like at 30 weeks

this is what i feel like at 30 weeks...
- 20 lbs larger
- lung constriction
- hemorrhoids
- heart burn(only at night when i am trying to sleep)
- itchy, rashy skin on the sides of my stomach
- gross belly button
- baby inside my body that just cannot get comfortable
- nervous/excited/freaked out about having another child
- pretty good energy
- like i need a beach vacation
- grateful and blessed
- hoping this one is as cute and fun and easy going as owen
- anxiety about Dr's due to my sister's last few sucky experiences
- decided that if people don't like the names i like, it doesn't matter, it's my kid
- hoping these hideous stretch marks magically disappear
- anxious to be able to sleep on my stomach again


buffalo gals won't you come out tonight?

Kenzie had an orchestra concert tonight. She plays the violin and is very good. Some of my favorites of the night were 'Buffalo Gals', 'All Star'(hey now you're an all star get your game on...you know Smash mouth!) and 'The Final Countdown'. We were pretty much on the back row, so we rocked out a little.

When we were not rocking out we pulled faces at eachother. It was great entertainment during the Beginner Orchestra students concert. There were some good faces being pulled, so Melissa and I pulled our cameras out.

you gotta love sticky boogers that make your nostrils stick shut!

Brinlie was on a roll with the face pulling. I had so many to choose from, but I think these were some of her best!
P.S. she really is a cute girl...she just pulls a great face!


strawberry jam

This is my first time making jam. I have had homemade jam my whole life. I do not eat store jam/jelly...it's too yucky compared to homemade. I decided I should start making it myself instead of sneaking jars out of my mom's freezer!
beautiful, delicious strawberries

blending/mashing the berries

Melissa and Ang were making some too.

strawberry jam, sitting for 1/2 hour


finished product.
It was not hard at all, it just took a little time. It was great fun and now I will have my very own strawberry jam for at least a year or two(it made a lot more than I thought). I am going to make apple and apricot next time...I can't wait!


Second Chance 5K

This race has become a tradition for the last 5 years. This year was our biggest group of runners.
Brandon, Monica, Rich, Melissa, Mandi, AJ, boy i don't know(Brittany's boy), Jason, Angela, Harrison Duvall, Alex, Amberly, Brittany and me. This is right before the race.

Rich got first place overall. They barely had the finish line stuff set up before he came in. He is incredible!

Jas came in next in our group. He did a great job too.
Then Monica...


Melissa, Harrison...

and Angela right behind him.

This was Harrison's first 5K and he really pushed himself. He drank a lot of water during and after running and ended throwing it all up.

Alexa and I ran in at 46 minutes. We only started running when we saw the finish line. Alexa was worried if I ran too much my baby would fall out and she would have to put it in her sweatshirt.

Brandon, Mandi, AJ and Amberly finished the race up. I asked the guy with the megaphone to cheer Amb on. It was fun. She did great. Mandi is so nice to stay with her every year.

Champion 5Kers!

Dad was the key holder/camera mana. Thanks Dad!
Organ donation is an amazing thing to do. One human can save 7 lives with their organs...c'mon people...7 lives! I hope you are all organ donors!

Preston party

Saturday afternoon we met the Weisbecks and Grandma and Grandpa Harris at the park in Preston for another party for Owen. It was a beautiful day. We sat on the grass and opened presents. Owen loved having another party. After presents we played on the playground for a little bit and then went to the Weisbeck's for cake and ice cream.
Owen is so lucky to have so many people love him and celebrate his cuteness!



We had a big baseball party for Owen. Everyone from my family was there except for Melanie, Dave, Korver, Michelle and Nick(we missed you guys). While we were getting everything set up, Owen and Jas played catch. He insists on wearing the big mitt.

For dinner we had baseball game concessions:
- hot dogs
- chips
- nachos
- soda pop
- sunflower seeds
- peanuts
- caramel corn

Dad and I went to a couple gas stations and asked them for nacho and hot dog trays.

It was a little cold outside, but we still had a good time.

Max and Owen

Owen and Haley(Haley is 2 weeks older)

Kenzie and Alexa made balloon hats.

And what's a baseball game without cotton candy?!? We rented a machine and Melissa was our cotton candy maker. She did a great job. I think she is going to join the carnival so she can make cotton candy for the rest of her life! She really enjoyed it.
It made her very messy, but she didn't mind at all.

Dinner was fun. We even sang Take me out to the Ball Game(some of us, mostly Annette and Melissa). We had everyone at the party sign a baseball for Owen to keep in his room. I think we might have to get a glass case for it, it's a pretty valuable ball.
Thank you so much to all my family for helping us with the party. It was great and we really appreciate it!


Afer dinner we had a pinata. Jason made the pinata and he did a great job. It took him about 3 days. It was a large pinata and ended up weighing about 25lbs once it had all the candy in it. The kids hit it youngest to oldest(I didn't get pics of everyone).



Brooklyn(we were all waiting for dad to fall off the ladder)

Harrison(Cope's cousin) busted it open first.

Kenzie and Alexa finished it off.

Diving for the candy was a lot of fun. Owen just picked up a few pieces and started eating them. He was not worried about getting a big bag full.

Haley finally decided she wanted to try it too. There was a little left over for her to hit out.

Brinlie was very happy with her treats. All the kids had at least that much candy...it was a big pinata!