for the last month or so, jas and i have been wondering if owen has outgrown naptime...
shopping with me in walmart. using a nerf sword as a pillow.
in the middle of dinner. he knocked himself over and was fast asleep.
didn't even have time to put the cheeseburger down.

due to the nature of these pictures, we decided to resume naptime.

this is how my boy likes to sleep...hiding. when i tuck him in he says he is "gettin in his hiding spot" and nearly every night when i check on him before i go to bed, this is what he looks like. he has been like this for most his life, so we don't worry too much about him suffocating. jason and i both like our faces kind of buried when we sleep too and i think nixon may turn out the same way. as soon as you nuzzle a blanket against part of his face his eyes start rolling. whatever helps you sleep at night..hehe!


perks of superstardom

forget bonuses, pay raises, paid time off...this is what you get for being an awesome employee at my work.
today my boss and co-worker rewarded me for excellence. i guess they felt my good work was not worthy of using the gas in their cars so they picked something up for me on their afternoon walk. never mind that there is a bread store, candy store and jewelry store within 2 blocks of our place of employment...nope, those would not suffice...the mexican groceteria was the only place that made sense.
thank goodness for my guardian angel. she has already blessed my life more than Bonnie and Laurie will ever know!FROSTED TOAST!!! seriously...don't you wish you had my job!?!
(frosted toast is as nasty as it sounds. it smelled like sweaty feet and the bread was as crusty as bread can get)

thank goodness for people that make me laugh at work!!!


puttin on mine nakeup

ME: hi owen. what are you doin?
OWEN: ummm, puttin on mine nakeup.
ME: oh! are you getting ready for something?
OWEN: yeah.
ME: what are you getting ready for?
OWEN: puttin on my mad face.
ME: what are you going to do with your mad face?
OWEN: so i can say roar
you gotta love a little boy putting on makeup!