"we are having some trouble here"....

...not really something you want to hear from your two year old in the other room, but man it's the truth. the last three days have been something else.

Friday, middle of the night(so really Saturday morning):
Owen wakes up crying and yelling mommy. i go into his room. he is crying and wants me to sleep with him. i am in his bed for a couple hours, wake up and go back to bed. later that morning he wakes up again, crying and yelling for mommy. i go into his room and he is sitting on his bed crying and shaking. i ask him what's wrong and he says "i'm just so, so sad" i ask why but he only answers with "cause". i ask him if he had a bad dream, no. then i realize that he is really hot. i ask him if he feels sick and he says yes. so i let him calm down and after about an hour take his temp and it's 101.4. we sit on the couch and watch movies. later, he throws up. a little on himself, but mostly in the bowl i brought out just in case. this is only the 2nd time he has ever really thrown up, but it wasn't too much. i gave him Tylenol and he wants to get up and do stuff. thinking he is better after the throw up. later in the afternoon he wants to just sit and snuggle again and he falls asleep. after his nap his temp is back up and he is not happy. more medicine and movies and by dinner time he seems to be doing much better. he ate some food and was happy the rest of the night.
Sunday morning:
Owen woke up happy and feeling good. we have church at 9. he had no sign of sickness. i thought we should probably stay home just in case but i was thinking that maybe that was just my excuse cause i didn't really feel like getting in the shower and getting ready for church myself. we decided to go to sacrament meeting only. everything is fine during testimony meeting. owen is sitting on my lap and kind burps a little. i automatically put my hand up to his mouth and out comes vomit. please don't cover someone's mouth when they are throwing up, it only makes things worse. luckily i moved my hand pretty quick and grabbed nixon's blanket in time to get the 2nd round of puke. it was super gross. all over me and owen and the bench. i cradled owen in my arms and we left. don't worry, jason did go back and sterilize the bench. after that episode, owen seemed to be okay. he just wanted to watch movies the rest of the day.
owen woke up crabby. i decided to take work off because i did not want mom to have to deal with crabby pants and any throw up messes. there was no more throw up but he was super moody and weird and whiny. about ten minutes after jason tucked him into bed he came out and said "mom, i need to tell you guys someping" i of course said no, you need to go to bed. he said "but I am all wet" sure enough the back of his shirt and pants were soaked and even the front of his hair was a little wet. he told me he pee'd. he still wears DIAPERS!! i had changed his diaper before bed and when we got his pants off i could see that it was crooked and weird and almost completely dry! apparently he was just like messing with his diaper and then pee'd all over, i don't know but it was a mess. jason showered him while i cleaned his bed and put new sheets on. 45 minutes later he was back in bed.

it has been a rough couple days. hopefully tomorrow will be better cause for real, i can't take much more.
yeah, owen does say the title to this post. he also says "we need a little help in here" mostly if nixon spits up when i am not in the same room. it's very funny.
this picture of owen was taken 12/6/09 and the one of nixon was taken 2/14/10. pretty much what our last few days have looked like though.


angela said...

sorry sis, that is rough. i hate it when kiddos are sick...especially when they have no "real symptoms" to call a dr about or whatever so you just have to ride it out!!

hope o dog is feeling better today.

lisa said...

oh, hang in there...I feel your frustration. This too shall pass. I just got done with a week very similar...

Anonymous said...

Hello, how are you?
Do You Yahoo?

Jason said...

Hello, How are you?
Do You Yahoo?