parking lot boy

Jason really wants to roll with the friday/saturday night Fred Meyer parking lot crew. Seriously, who doesn't have a rocking chair in the back of their truck these days...it's totally cool!
We were taking this chair to the D.I but Jas had to catch some rays and whistle at some girls walking by before we could drop it off.
It was 'cruise in' night a little early on the boulevard today!





i hated cutting it, but it was a little too shaggish. he looks so old and different with no hair and the new 'do' accentuates his cute, floppy ears. he is handsome. he is an excellent customer. he sat very still and would get the chills when the hair fell on his back. he also liked being vacuumed off. this is his 2nd haircut of his life.


St Patrick's Day

All holidays are fun...even if you are not Irish and you don't really know what the meaning behind the day is....why waste a chance to celebrate a little?

my family and melissa and steve went up to mom's for green pancackes and green eggs for dinner. it was tasty!

Melissa and I just Shakin our Shamrocks! We both have on green knee-high's too, but dad kinda missed them.

Cute Amb in her green flower.
Everbody else was in green too(except Steve)but I got wrapped up in The Biggest Loser and forgot to take more pictures, sorry guys!


spring break

We wanted to go somewhere over Jason's Spring Break, but decided to stay home and do some cleaning and re arranging instead. I took Thrusday off work so we could enjoy a few days off together. Here's some of the stuff we did:

Played with the little man for 4 days with no work or school. That made us all happy.

Played baseball til we couldn't take it anymore. Owen loves the movie The Sandlot and always says that he is Benny and Jas or I have to be the beast and chase him. It's real funny. Yeah, he's fast asleep in this picture.

Ran on the new treadmill! I love it, minus that it has to be in our living room, cause there is no room for it anywhere else.

Found this cutest table at Downeast Home. Regular Price $150.00, my price $20.00! I was very excited about it. It's a children's art table and it's from The Land of Nod. Owen likes it too.

Saturday we decided we had enough home time and wanted to get out, so we went to Salt Lake for Disney on Ice. Before the show we walked around Gateway and Owen got to play in the fountains for his first time. He lOVED it! He kept running right over the holes and would just miss the giant spray of water, thank goodness. He still got pretty wet though.

Disney on Ice was entertaining. They had Little Mermaid, Lion King, Lilo and Stitch and Peter Pan. It kept Owen's attention really well(the pop helped too). He clapped a lot and liked Little Mermaid and Mickey Mouse the best. It was fun to watch him.

Just us after the show. Melanie and her girls went too and they loved it. Brinlie is a sweet pickle princess after all(that is what she will tell you). After this picture was taken a BIG man came over by us and Mel and I started dry heaving. This dude had the worst B.O. I have ever smelled. It was bad. We had to get some fresh air, so we went back over to The Gateway and met Angela and Rich there. They were on a romantic, kidless getaway in SLC. It was fun to see them.

Besides food and gas, these super cool green shades are all I bought. He is pretty cool, right?!
After a little shopping we all went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner...please go if you have never been, it's too delicious! Then we headed home. It was a good Spring Break!


Friday Craft Day

Melissa and I were shopping a couple weekends ago at Tai Pan and Rod Works...home decor stores. There were so many cute things we wanted that I felt we were fully capable of making ourselves, we are pretty crafty girls. Melissa loved this feather egg wreath at Rod Works and I would not let her buy it because all it was was a straw wreath, feather boas and eggs...we could totally manage that and make it for less than $35. So she made me promise we would make them. We bought our cute eggs at Tai Pan that day and then waited to buy our boas til we had 40% off coupons. We had our first Friday craft day(neither of us work on Friday)and I have to say that it was a success. We whipped ourselves up some pretty dang cute easter wreaths. Granted, we really did not save much money making them ourselves, but the pride in the accomplishment and the memories that were made totally makes up for that.


Astird or Chevy?

a little advice and wisdom about having a baby from THE OFFICE...

Michael: I am doing this to pay respect to her bloated feelings.

Michael: Scream it out! Scream it out!

Dwight: Do you have the sharpie? Do you have the Sharpie? When the baby emerges mark it
secretly in a kind of mark that only you can recognize and no baby snatcher could ever copy.

Dwight: Newborns are slippery.

Jan: Oh yeah, the afterbirth floats

I am 22 weeks pregnant. Kind of that awkward stage where people are not sure if I am pregnant or just gaining weight. We are not going to find out what we are having. I thought I might save a little pre-baby shopping money this way...nope, I have bought boy and girl stuff, oh well. I have gotten over the freaking out about having two kids and loving another one as much as Owen stage and am very excited. I have been feeling good. There seems to be a lot more tears and weird aches/pains with this pregnancy but nothing to complain about. My due date is July 9th... very excited for some summertime maternity leave with sweet baby Harris.


holy cute!

man i love this boy!!!