2 weeks

our little guy is two weeks old now. he went to the Dr today...here are his 2 week stats:
9lbs 2 oz
22 in
he is very sweet!
and he loves Grandma.
i tried my own little photo shoot with him, but he was not really into it. he's cute in his beanie though.
best friends!
and this boy is doing so much better. he is a happy boy and he loves his brother. he always gets right in his face and says "hi liddle brodder, hi." he wants to squeeze nixon's little arms and legs, but he tries his best to be gentle with him. he is very ready for nixon to start playing, running and causing mischief with him.
owen went to the Dr with nixon for his 2 yr ckup(we are a little slow). here are his 2 year 3 month stats:
30 lbs 8 oz
37 in

when we brought nixon home from the hospital i had this crazy energy and motivation to be up and going. it was weird, but so nice. i just felt good(considering what my body had just been through). i had a little bit of a breakdown one night in owen's room after i had tucked him in and he had fallen asleep. it was the 2nd night of owen's weird adjusting phase and i didn't know what i was going to do. it broke my heart that owen was possibly feeling left out or unloved. i wanted him to be happy. i had a good cry and talked to Heavenly Father for a while and knew that things would work out. things got better the next day. i am still feeling good, but i am needing my sleep now, the energy is wearing. i am so grateful to have somewhere to turn for help and so grateful to have 2 beautiful, healthy boys.


campout in Ogre's house

mom, dad, jason, owen, nixon and i started a new family fun activity this 24th of july. my parents have a playhouse in their backyard that my sisters, cousins, friends and i all made great memories in during our childhood. somehow the playhouse ended up being a storage shed for my mom and eventually was padlocked. it was heartbreaking. well, my mom and dad got it all cleaned out one weekend and surprised the grandkids. me and melissa were just as excited as the grandkids were.
owen has called it the ogre's house(as in Shrek)for the last couple of months. shrek, princess fiona, puss, donkey and charming all live there according to owen.
anyway, since just the six of us were home i thought we should relive some memories of the playhouse. we had a campfire and sleepover...it was the best! my mom has never, ever slept in the playhouse and dad and jason did not believe that she really would. thanks for proving them wrong mom..you rock!
nixon loved his first campfire
owen and grandpa built us a great fire. my parents got a few huge pine trees cut down this summer, so that is why we had a place to build a fire.
we had a delicious weenie roast. best hot dog ever is one cooked over a fire.
and of course...s'mores!

we rented Bedtime Stories(super dumb movie) and watched it in the playhouse on an old tv my dad brought out.
owen slept so good!
the playhouse was packed with 5 of us on the floor and nixon in his pack 'n play, but it was totally worth it! thanks mom and dad for helping us make some great new memories.


one week

Well, it's been one week since Nixon was born. Life has changed so much in the last week! It is so strange having people ask me how my kids are, or if their is anything they can do for our kids. I feel older having 2 kids. It's a weird thing, but it's really great too!
Nixon is darling and precious and sweet and wonderful! We really like him.
He is eating every 2-4 hrs and he was sleeping all day and up a lot at night for the first few days, but he is getting better at that.
He is a tummy sleeper. He did not like being swaddled at all. He would kick and squirm and cry until he got his blanket off of him. He did not sleep good the first week and did not like being swaddled either. As soon as he was on his belly he would fall asleep and stay asleep for a few hours. I know babies are supposed to sleep on their backs, but my boys do not like it.
Owen is a super big brother. He likes to peek at Nixon when he is asleep and he tells him "it's otay" when he is crying. He gets his diapers for me and he loves giving him kisses. He wants me to get Nixon a baseball mitt so he can play with him and he tries to share his juice with him.
Owen is already reading him stories too.Three handsome boys..how lucky am I?!?!
Owen thought it was hilarious when Nixon started eating his arm. He was laughing so hard. It was so cute. Nixon was going to town on him.
We are so happy to have Nixon in our family...and I think he is pretty happy about it too!
He smiled everytime Owen would laugh. It was too cute. I know you are all thinking he just had gas, but no farting and no poop followed these sweet faces. He just loves us, that 's all.How is Owen dealing? Well, he got sick the day after we brought Nixon home from the hospital. He had a fever of at least 100 degrees and it went up to almost 103. It lasted for 4 days. We took him to the DR, but the DR said to just keep giving him Tylenol for a few days. The fever did eventually go away but then he got a crazy rash. That is getting better too. While he was sick, he didn't seem to be affected by Nixon. The last few days have been very different. He hasn't shown any resentment or anger towards Nixon, but he has been so grumpy and cry-y and whiny. He will tell you he wants something and then throw a fit when you give it to him. He begged to go to Grandma's but then cried to come home with me after we got there. I have tried to be patient and understanding, but it has been difficult for sure. We are trying to give him some one-on-one time and involve him in things, but I think we need to do a little better. Hopefully this won't last too long. I hate feeling upset or annoyed at him, it really makes me feel bad.
He has been spending a lot of time in his room...that is where he goes when he throws a fit. he likes to get in his bed and "hide" so we won't talk to him. All my scrapbook stuff is in his room and he has been very good about staying out of it, but the other day we went in to check on him and he got into the box with my ink pads in it. He said "me have a beard"(see above picture)and was happy as could be about it. I don't know how he knows what a beard is, but it was cute. I am recovery nicely and feeling good. I am super excited about having ankles again! I was so swollen during labor and for the week after that. Melissa thought it was pretty funny(and freaky) and could not resist taking a picture of the Fred Flinstone's. I was getting very concerned about it, but my veins and bones started showing again on Sunday. It was a huge relief.Family and friends have been taking really good care of us. It has been really great. I don't know how we could do it without them.



-- MONDAY JULY 13, 2009 - 8PM - 8 LBS 2 OZ - 20.5 IN --



to the child hanging out in my uterus like it's nobody's business...

...PLEASE come out! I love you.
due date: 7/9/09 today's date: 7/9/09 picture taken: 7/9/09


4th of July weekend

I had a 4 day weekend and so we made the most of it. In brief, here is all the fun we had...
meeting Sawyer Joy(born 6-29-09). congratulations Whitney and Brandon! we love her!
delicious dinner at the Clark's
cutest little Korver in his patriotic leggies
fireworks at the stadium. grandma brought everyone glow sticks.
this is how Owen watched the first few fireworks. he was a little scared but then grandma told him they were like Transformers and i reminded him about Benny playing baseball during the fireworks(The Sandlot) and then he liked them...
Bear Lake with Melissa, Steve, Monica and Amb. We were cold the first couple hours, but then the sun came out and we all ended up a little sunburned.Owen loved the little pool we made him. he made sure everyone played in it...
home firework show in Preston at the Weisbecks
i love this picture!