birthday Party

Here are a few pictures of my party at mom's house with my family. I love my family!

I always have the same cake. Vanilla and orange sherbet ice cream with crushed Oreo cookie crumbs on top and bottom. Delish!!! I blew the heck out of those candles.

This is what happens when Jas is in charge of the camera. I like him.



Today I turned 27. I worked a little bit in the morning and enjoyed a sausage egg mcmuffin breakfast serenaded by a blinged out, stuffed frog singing "go shorty it's your birthday we gonna party like it's your birthday" from the cute girls at work. Then I had lunch at El Sol with Mel, Brook, Brin, Korver, Monica, Amb, Melissa, Mom, Dad, Jas and Owen. Melanie knows how I like to be celebrated all day on my birthday so she brought me a vase of darling summer flowers, balloons and treats. She is the best! After lunch I went to Bear Lake with Jason and Owen. We sat on the beach and watched Owen run around and splash in the water for a few hours. It is one of my most favorite places to be! After Bear Lake, mom and dad watched Owen so Jas could take me to the movie, but we ended up buying popcorn from the theater and going home to watch the Idol Finale. Later, I opened some gifts from Jas and Owen and had a very great day!
I love this little boy so, so much! Seriously, he knows exactly what face to pull when he is sporting white linen pants rolled up capri style and white aviators. I am not sure it gets much cooler than that.In the course of my 27th year of life, I...

will have 2 children
will have a graduated husband
will continue to work for DWS
hope to buy our first home
hope to be starting a new adventure in a new city/state
will learn how to use photoshop
hope to be in shape, healthy and happy with the way I look
am going to cook more often
will be patient and optimistic
might dye my hair a color it has never been before
will potty train Owen
will paint my living room
will become a better, stronger person
will continue drinking Diet Coke
am going to paint a picture
will keep saying my prayers

I really appreciate everybody for knowing that I love my Birthday and for allowing me to do and have whatever I want on this day. It makes me very happy!


KIDA Relay

Another one of Angela's crazy ideas of a good time! She found out about this 24 hour bike/run relay and of course she thought it sounded like the funnest thing ever. Apparently Rich, Monica and Jason thought it sounded like fun too, cause they all participated. The relay consisted of 12 hours of biking and 12 hours of running. This was the first year of the relay so they did not really know what to expect. It turned out that the director of the relay is a hardcore marathoner/triathaloner and he recruited a lot of his friends. There were 11 teams and 'Team Angela' was definitely out of place. Jason rides a mountain bike, not a road bike. Monica bought an $80 road bike from Walmart the day before the race and Angela and Rich don't ride bikes at all. The other teams had bikes that probably cost as much as my car, jerseys with sponsors on them, etc. They were the underdogs, to say the least.
8am Friday morning Jason biked the first 26 mile bike loop. Then Monica, Rich, Ang, Jason again, Monica again. That was the first 12 hours of the race. 8pm Friday night Rich ran the first 6 mile loop. Then Ang, then Jason, then Monica, Rich again, Ang again and Jason again. This was the last 12 hours of the race(they were supposed to run til 8am Saturday morning but stopped around 5am and slept).
They weren't the top contenders, but all things considered(like that none of them have done anything like this before and they didn't really train for it either), they did a super awesome job. I am so proud of them! The other teams were nice and kept making comments about the team with the mountain bike. They said they would like to see them back next year on a road bike, cause they thought they could be great with the right equipment.

Jason coming in and Monica going out.


The relay was at Utah Lake. We had a nice grass area with a nice bathroom so Me, Owen, Mom, Amberly, Alexa, Alex and Max decided to camp out and show our support for the full 24 hours. It got chilly at night. Sleeping arrangements were not the best, but we had a good time overall.

What was Utah Lake like? This fish tells it all! The beach was mainly rocks and broken glass. The water was grey and dirty. The little boys still enjoyed it though. I did not enjoy it. It's gross!

Rich. He is a fantastic runner!

Angela liked the run a lot better than the bike.

Cute Jas!

Jason passing the belt onto Monica.

The Fantastic Foursome(that is the best name Ang could come up with)! Good work guys...good work!


Mother's Day

I can't think of anything that I would rather be. Owen has made my life so happy! He has changed me so much and has made me a better person. I know he is only 2, but the kind of change you take on when you become a mom is undescribable. I always knew that I wanted to be a mom someday, but I didn't realize why until I actually became one. I feel so blessed to have Owen in my life and for the opportunity to bring another child into the world.

My mom is the most selfless, giving person I know. I don't know how she does it, or why sometimes, but she is always there to help no matter what. She has a tender heart and a sensitive soul. She does not like to see people suffer. More than anything, she tries to make everyone happy, make everyone feel special. She is one of a kind. I know that I do not possess this characteristic, not like my mom, and I hope that one day I will be just a little bit like her in this way.
She is the Grandma that every kid dreams of. Her neighbor just told me the other day, "your parents put all other parents and grandparents to shame." and she is right. I loved my Grandma and Grandpa very much, but I did not call them and talk to them for hours on the phone or tell my mom that I was going to live with Grandma until I was 18. The grandkids all love her and I am so thankful for the time she makes for Owen. I don't know what we would do without her. Owen loves her so much!
Thank you mom for everything! Thank you for being there for me and for loving me no matter what. Thank you for talking to me everyday and for missing me(or at least for saying you do)on my days off. I love you!

** I know that Mother's Day is not a celebration for everyone and my heart goes out to you if you are one of those women feeling pain, loss or sorrow today. I truly hope that those feelings will not last and that you will find peace and joy in life. I know that God has a plan for each one of us and that you will find happiness someday through the pain you are feeling today.



Alexa had a dance competition at Lagoon today so we went to watch her. It was raining when we got there and there was no sign it was going to let up, but we decided since we were there, we might as well ride some rides. So we bought our tickets and the guy told us we could come back for free another day since it was raining. That made it totally worth getting a little wet for. It ended up being pretty good weather and there were not many people there so it worked out great.

This is the best picture i could get of Lexa. She is a super awesome dancer!

This was Owen's first time at Lagoon and he LOVED it!

I only got to ride a few of the kid rides due to the child in my belly and this kid boat ride was my favorite. It was very fun!

Big kids on the kid swings and Jason, Monica, Alex and Melissa on Cliffhanger.

These whales are the cutest!

Owen was not a fan of the Lady Bug Drop, but he loved the Octopus ride that had dolphins and sharks squirting them.

Melissa, Lex, Jason and Owen on the Carousel

During one of the downpours.

Max and Owen had so much fun together. Their most favorite was splashing in the puddles while the big kids were on the rides.

Max telling me what a train says and Owen crying on Puff. It was the only ride he cried on.
After a full day at Lagoon we had to go to Target to buy the little boys new clothes because they decided running through the puddles wasn't enough and kneeled down in them and splashed with their hands. Little boys are crazy!