craft day

Craft day with sisters is the best! Melissa and I saw these cutest witches brooms at Tai Pan last time we were there and of course I said, "we could totally make those" and for some crazy reason, Melissa went along with it. I love it when she does that! The highlights of making these brooms...
- driving on Canyon Road and spotting our broomstick handles
- making my broom and then making melissa's broom too. just kidding sis, but seriously, she really struggled with the glueing portion of our craft.
- conversations with satan who was haunting our cell phones
- melissa wanting to take owen home with her because she feared for his life due to my zero patience with him
thanks for the fun sister! cant' wait for the next one!

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Melissa said...

Too much fun! Thank YOU for making my broom (and for not killing your son)!